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11 Strategies That Increase Brain Power

Are you stuck going through life with the same level of intelligence that you were born with? Most experts now agree that you can increase your brain power.

Keep in mind that there are many different kinds of intelligence. It’s difficult to raise IQ test scores, but many cognitive functions respond well to training. That includes problem solving skills, memory, and concentration.

Your brain weighs just three pounds, but it may be the most important organ you have. It enables your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Invest some time and effort in developing it!

Healthy Habits That Increase Your Brain Power

Before you spend a lot of money on special supplements and brain training games, you may want to address the basics. Your mind and body are closely connected, so it makes sense that caring for your overall wellbeing is a top priority.

These habits support both your mind and body:

  1. Exercise regularly. Aerobic workouts give your brain a big boost. According to a study by the University of British Columbia, activities like running and cycling increase the size of your hippocampus, which helps control verbal memory and learning.

  2. Eat healthy. The same foods that protect your heart also strengthen your brain. Try a Mediterranean style diet rich in vegetables, fruits, fish, and unsaturated fats.

  3. Sleep well. Too many late nights can make you forgetful and less productive. Aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep by sticking to an early bedtime and keeping your bedroom dark and quiet. It won't hurt to try but. you need to be intentional about this.

  4. Limit alcohol. Several major studies suggest that no amount of alcohol is safe for brain function. However, some damage may be reversed if you stop drinking. If you decide to drink, take some days off each week.

  5. Manage stress. Chronic tension causes inflammation and can actually shrink your brain. Avoid multitasking and relax with safe activities like walking and soothing hobbies.

Other Strategies to Increase Your Brain Power

Any kind of learning can make you smarter, but some methods are more effective than others. Plus, when you have a wide variety of options, you’re more likely to find something you enjoy enough to make it part of your daily routine.

Try these techniques:

  1. Study languages. Being multilingual increases your cognitive flexibility. In addition to learning additional languages more easily, you’ll gain skills that can enhance your performance in many areas.

  2. Play music. Take piano lessons or just listen to the radio. Music can lower your blood pressure, lift your spirits, and sharpen your focus.

  3. Start a journal. Writing is another source of mental stimulation. If you rarely write outside of the office, a daily diary can be an easy way to start. Maybe you’ll decide to move on to writing short stories or a work of nonfiction.

  4. Read. How many books have you read this year? Visit your local library and book shops to browse their shelves. Keep reading material around the house and in your car. Set a goal for how many pages you’ll finish each day.

  5. Close your eyes. Shutting your eyelids can open up your mental powers! Scientists believe it’s because you’re tuning out visual distractions, so you can give more attention to any task.

  6. Protect your head. A serious head injury can be disabling. Wear your seatbelt and bicycle helmet. Seek immediate medical care if you lose consciousness or experience vomiting or changes in vision.

Your brain is like a muscle that grows stronger the more you use it. With a healthy lifestyle and ongoing learning, you can boost its powers and live a richer life.

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